Scotland to set ten percent renewables standard for building

Scotland to set ten percent renewables standard for building


New housing and other developments should generate at least ten per cent of their energy on site from renewable sources.

That is one of the bold energy requirements proposed by the Scottish Executive today.

Scotland would be the first country in the UK to consider such a standard.

Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm said: ‘Our target is to generate 40 per cent of Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020, but I would like see us go beyond this and make further impact in reducing harmful carbon emissions.

‘Planning has a vital role in ensuring that we get this right at the outset.’

The proposals were included in the executive’s draft planning policy on renewable energy (SPP6).

It is also proposed

that local authorities designate areas suitable for wind farms,
that greater account is taken of issues such as natural heritage and the cumulative impacts of wind farms on communities
and that local authorities support a diverse range of renewable energy technologies including encouraging the development of growing and new technologies.

Copies of the draft Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) 6: Renewable Energy are available at: