Retail Outlet Management Opportunity

Retail Outlet Management Opportunity

Alloa Community Enterprise (ACE) was established in 1984 to provide supported employment and training opportunities and is now also helping low income families and individuals to create a more stable home life by supplying low cost furniture, other reuseable household items and bric a brac. At the heart of the ethos of ACE is improvement of the environmental performance of our communities by diverting furniture from landfill into restoration and reuse.

Expanding into mainstream commercial and industrial recycling through our CIC subsidiary, ACE Recycling Group (ARG), ACE has grown to become one of the foremost community recycling businesses in Scotland.  With a turnover in excess of £1.2 million per annum, ACE, based in Alloa, is a significant local employer with 25 fulltime and 2 part time staff, 5 whom were originally recruited as trainees from disadvantaged backgrounds and have come through our employment training programme to become full time members of staff.

Historically, furniture re-use and retail was a cornerstone of the activities of ACE, but was marginalised on securing contracts to supply furniture packs through the Clackmannanshire Council to homeless and low income tenants being re-housed.

Next steps

As ARG continues to expand its commercial activities, we are considering how to further develop our furniture recycling enterprise, whilst reflecting the changing needs of our communities in the present climate. With increasing pressure on Council budgets ACE is re-visiting retailing second hand household items including furniture, white goods, clothing, books, DVDs, games etc.

The project will be judged be on commercial viability and social sustainability, and will be delivered by a third party or parties in partnership with the Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) and ACE. This will be the latest development in the new Centre for Social Environmental and Entrepreneurial Activities, known as the HUB, on Whins Road, Alloa, that already houses ARG and CTSI, along side the HUB’s training resource centre.

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