Workforce Creation

Workforce Creation is a Glasgow based registered SCIO, a social enterprise, a Supported Business and a Social Firm with the primary social aim of removing disadvantage faced by disabled people who are usually graduates.  Many people have barriers to accessing our community and from leading full and productive lives.  They aim to increase their chances through their internships and via their innovative, inclusive and technical approach.  100% of Workforce Creation’s staff are disabled and they employ through Technical Internships and deliver online services business to business – providing a full range of life skills and technical exposure training. 

How they help:

Through their Technical Internship, Workforce Creation specifically aims to help people who are usually highly educated and where there are perceived barriers to leading a full independent life. They offer Technical Internship to help integrate and upskill internees that helps to improve: independence, life chances and prospects.

Training Approach:

Workforce Creation takes an innovative approach to training with both theoretical and practical based work experience. Their approach was piloted through Imteqpro a community minded business who believed in the approach.  The pilot was nominated for Innovation Project Scotland and Imteqpro was nominated for Employer of the Year.

Business Philosophy:

Their philosophy is simple in that they want to make a positive impact in client lives and to the lives of their families by helping them to reach their full potential. They do this through an innovative and highly technical and professional all-inclusive approach.

Goals and Objectives:

Their goal is to grow a healthy, successful enterprise that is a leader in providing technical training and technical and business-related services within the community evidenced by their clients going on to work or being retained in-house and having high customer satisfaction and loyalty both for their technical training products and for their business support services.

For further information, contact:

Workforce Creation

Centrum House

38 Queen St

East Kilbride

Glasgow G1 3DX