Won Connect CIC

Won Connect CIC empowers individuals by increasing technology and digital inclusion participation. They deliver a variety of digital and computer training programmes to reduce social isolation, improve skills, employability, connectivity with peers, family, and friends, gain knowledge and enrich the quality of life of older adults and vulnerable non-technical individuals with information and companionship.

More importantly, raise awareness of online finance and data fraud. They seek to give you the tools and knowledge to protect your devices, finances, and data.

They deliver a variety of digital and computer training programmes to improve skills, employability and connectivity with peers through Technology and Digital Media. Importantly, they want to raise awareness and understanding of how to protect your devices, data, and finance from fraud and abuse online.

Their programmes look to give the opportunity to older and vulnerable non-technical individuals to learn the basic of computer and security but most important is to help them interact with other peers and socialise while learning. They don’t only introduce individuals to the computer, they also introduce them to smart home technology and social interaction. Smart home technology promises tremendous benefits for individual living alone.

They deliver their group classes in community centres, housing associations or in your organisation to upskill your residents, clients or team – as well as providing personal private computer lessons to individuals and groups at your home, your chosen location or in their training centre based in Glasgow.

For further information, contact:


Won Connect CIC

435-437 Hillington Road,

Glasgow G52 4BL

Tel: 07547-572042 or 07517-448452

Email: info@wonconnect.org.uk

Website: www.wonconnect.org.uk