Upmo (Upward Mobility)

Upmo is an Edinburgh-based charity providing support and opportunity for adults with learning difficulties and autism.

Since 2006, Upmo has been combining tailored support services with an increasingly respected curriculum of creative workshops, educational activities and vocational programmes.

Based in the Edinburgh Palette arts centre at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh, Upmo identifies a lack of opportunities in higher education for adults with learning difficulties – and a lack of understanding of individual needs.

Upmo is driven by a passionate belief that every person in society should be given the opportunities they need to develop their potential and play an equal, inclusive and rewarding role in their communities.

Students are encouraged to build their confidence, use imagination and develop life skills through music, drama, art and other expressive and physical activities. Trainee placements are also offered as part of Upmo’s growing work experience programme.

Their drama workshops are open to anyone who would like to take part in one of Upmo’s performance showcases. The classes are used as a method of exploring social situations, developing communication and self-confidence.

Students are invited to create their own warm ups, scenes and performances, which can then be staged in front of an audience at regular events, creating a safe space for students to express themselves and develop personally.

Their Health & Well-being programme works to tease out a student’s hidden talents and strengths, promoting personal development through a series of relaxation and gentle exercise classes.

With an emphasis on empathy and communication, the health and well-being programme engenders positive interactions among students.

Upmo are continually developing their roster of workshops and classes, and are actively engaged in employability programmes to ensure students can develop their employability skills, through IT training, teamwork exercises and mock interviews, before moving on to the next opportunity.


To find out more, contact:
Upward Mobility Ltd
151 London Road

Tel: 0131 661 4411
Email: hello@upmo.org

Twitter: @Upmoproject

Facebook: Facebook.com/upmoproject



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