Unlock Employment and Empowerment CIC

Unlock Employment delivers a range of services across employability, skills and support services empowering the disadvantage into employment – offering innovative and reliable solutions to support people to obtain real employer-led skills, Information, advice and guidance, job opportunities and vocational training.

At Unlock Employment, they have products and services to help jobseekers and employers with employment and training. They look to match jobseekers to employers and vice versa, creating the perfect partnership and an effective employment solution.

If you are a jobseeker, they aim to change your life through work and training opportunities, no matter what your background, educational level, previous experience or personal goals are.

As an employer, they aim to fulfil your training and recruitment problems, providing effective solutions with advice and support from their dedicated team

Unlock Employment has more than 10 years’ experience in providing services to help jobseekers get back into work and to help support those just entering employment.

Some of their services include:

Find a job with Unlock Employment

They have a dedicated team of advisers who are there to provide help, advice and support to people just like find a job, provide employment training, find learning and development courses and offer career advice.

In-work Support from Unlock Employment

Starting a new job can be scary, so Unlock Employment offers in-work support and information to help you start off on the right track. No matter how big or small your query is, their team will always do their best to help and support you so that you can easily adjust to your new job, make friends with your colleagues and adapt to working life.

Employability workshops

If there are certain aspects of your job search that you are struggling with, Unlock Employment can help you prepare, so that you have more success in applying. Workshops are available that teach you how to write a good CV, how to answer difficult job interview questions and any other job-hunting queries you might have.

For further info, contact:

Email: g.keoght@unlockemployment.org

Website: www.unlockemployment.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unlockemployment