The Cabrach Trust

The Cabrach Trust is a social enterprise based in south east Moray that is aiming to create jobs, attract new visitors to the area, and to celebrate and protect the cultural heritage of the Cabrach.

The Cabrach Trust was established in 2011 in response to a need to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Cabrach and safeguard its remote communities.

In 2013, thanks to generous private donations and the support of the Reekimlane Foundation, the Cabrach Trust took ownership of the historic Inverharroch Farm and its 170 acres of land.

In addition, the Trust is now, in partnership with the Cabrach Community Association, in the process of acquiring ownership, through a Community Asset Transfer, of the Old school and Hall in the Lower Cabrach.

The Cabrach Trust is a social enterprise and all profits from the distillery and heritage centre will be used to further the Trust’s social aims of providing jobs, housing, and services to regenerate this remote rural landscape.

The Trust is currently embarking on a regeneration project to develop a working historical distillery and heritage centre on the historic Inverharroch site – once boasting a proud and thriving local industry of whisky distilling and farming, but which is now suffering from serious depopulation and decline.

The Cabrach Trust has ownership of the historic Inverharroch Farm, adjacent to the A941 between the towns of Dufftown and Rhynie.

The property comprises of farmhouse, steadings, historic smithy, and 167 acres of land. The Trust is also currently in the process of acquiring through a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) a further set of properties known as the Old Cabrach Hall, the School House and the Acorn Centre, which are located in the Lower Cabrach adjacent to Inverharroch Farm. Together these assets will form the basis of a bold regeneration plan for the Cabrach.


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The Cabrach Trust
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