The Brock Garden Wood and Craft Centre

The Brock is a social enterprise and charity which provides therapeutic horticulture, woodwork and craft activities to individuals who live with severe and enduring mental health conditions.


The Brock works on a referral basis, working in partnership with care professionals to find appropriate placements for patients.


They aim to assist people with severe and enduring mental illness and issues by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills; stabilise their condition; gain confidence and integrate within the local community.


This is achieved by providing stimulating and rewarding therapeutic work activities for individuals. Craft and horticultural activities are used to create produce ranges – including plants, garden furniture and woodwork – to support the psychological wellbeing of people with severe and enduring mental illness and mental health issues.


Citizenship and community development are important elements within their work –they seek to encourage people to participate in their projects and get involved in making their community better.


In addition, they deliver educational activities that build confidence and enhance life skills for the people they work with.


They also run a Bonsai group – learning about how to care for and grow award winning bonsai trees as well as submit them for competitions.


Their quality, handmade products are increasingly popular and available at competitive prices – with all the money spent on these products going towards providing therapeutic activities for people with severe and enduring mental health conditions.


For further info, contact:


The Brock

Strathbrock Partnership Centre

189A West Main Street,


EH52 5LH