Somewhere EDI

Somewhere EDI is a brand new social enterprise in Edinburgh designed to inspire, celebrate and transform the lives of the LGBT+ community.

Aiming to connect with the community and increase its visibility in wider society, Somewhere will showcase new culture and learning-based projects which celebrate LGBT+ arts, culture, heritage and enterprise.

In October 2014, co-chair of Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus (MLGC) created an anti-hate crime campaign in response to an incident where two young gay men were violently attacked for singing on a city centre tram in Manchester.

The campaign, ‘Safe to Sing’, aimed to reclaim the centre of Manchester as a safe space for LGBT+ people and involved MLGC putting on public protest performances on public transport, culminating in a perfornace in Piccadilly Gardens.

The campaign was well received, winning numerous awards including the Spirit of Manchester Most Successful Campaign for 2015. By creating a platform for positive LGBT+ culture, learning and activism, Safe to Sing lay the foundations for Somewhere.

Created as part of Master of Enterprise in Arts and Cultural Management at Manchester Business School, Somewhere set up a Scottish sister franchise in Edinburgh in 2018.

Somewhere helps to promote members of the LGBT+ community working with one and other, and with organisations and partners, to create a visible and diverse LGBT+ cultural identity.

Through positive disruption, it seeks new and creative ways to campaign against marginalisation of LGBT+ people.

Among its key values are collaboration, innovation, respect and empowerment, all harnessed to help the LGBTI+ community find strength in numbers, utilise the power of positive action and self-expression, and become active members of the global LGBT+ family.


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Twitter: @SomewhereEDI