Schoolyard Chillies

Schoolyard Chillies is a social enterprise, based in Glasgow, which provides a range of chilli products from small, independent farmers in Ghana.

Established in 2017, its mission is to prevent young children being pulled out of school to work on farms in Eastern Ghana – a major issue in parts of Ghana and other African countries.

To do this, Schoolyard Chillies works directly with farmer to provide them with seeds at affordable prices, give access to agricultural training, and guarantee a route to market for their chillies.

In return, it asks that the farmer guarantees that no children are removed from school to harvest chillies – improving the prospects of children in the area completing their education.

The chillies are handpicked and sun-dried using traditional methods in Eastern Ghana. They are then exported to Scotland, where Schoolyard Chillies works with local producers to create a range of chill-based products, including hot sauces, marinades, meat rubs and jams.

All profits raised are reinvested into education programmes which enable vulnerable children to remain in school full time.

Over the last 18 months, Schoolyard Chillies has helped over 4000 children stay in education.

Schoolyard Chillies is the trading arm of Silver Stag, an international charity set up to provide employment opportunities for those in Scotland who have been affected by social or economic difficulties.


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