Recycle Mobility Centre

Recycle Mobility Centre (RMC) is a Community Interest Company which began trading in March 2014 – with the aim of providing predominantly second-hand & reconditioned mobility equipment for those who can least afford to buy new equipment.

There have been major changes affecting disabled and elderly people due to the welfare reform and pension crisis resulting in many people struggling financially to make ends meet. Recycle Mobility Centre was set up to help address the financial challenges affecting people with mobility impairment by offering an alternative to buying new.

RMC has a focus on providing affordable mobility equipment and a repair and maintenance service that aims to help individuals to carry out day-to-day activities, getting people to access their local community resulting in reducing isolation and loneliness.

Recycle Mobility Centre offers a quality service that refurbishes, maintains, and repairs all types of mobility equipment to the highest standard and sells it second hand at an affordable price to those who can least afford to buy new equipment.

They recently opened a new mobility store on Dumbarton Road, Clydebank, and are excited to continue to offer their services to those who need them most – both locally and across the west coast of Scotland.

One of RMC’s long-term aims is to provide jobs, volunteering opportunities and training to those furthest from the job market, helping a huge range of people build skills.

To achieve this aim, RMC also offers volunteers a workplace opportunity and training that meets their specific needs. This includes placing young people in mechanical engineering roles, giving them their first chance to gain work experience and pursue a career in engineering and other maintenance vocations.

Their goal is to improve the quality of life of the disabled, the elderly, and anyone with mobility challenges by reducing their mobility equipment expenses and hence debt. They aim to give everyone the opportunity to have increased access to their local community thus reducing isolation and loneliness.

Their environmental goal is to utilise mobility equipment or parts for repair and refurbishing, reducing the waste to landfill and all other waste for that matter, offering a full recycling service.


For further info’, contact:

Recycle Mobility Centre
70 Dumbarton Rd
G81 4DN