Pushing Out the Boat

Pushing Out the Boat (POTB), North-East Scotland’s unique literary and arts journal, publishes high-quality prose, poetry and art selected from a unique blend of the global and the local.

In its pages are artists and writers from all around the world, as well as just around the corner, creating a linguistic mix that welcomes Doric, Scots, and a world of eclectic Englishes that help to bring us a’thegither.

It maintains a strong commitment to first time writers and artists; and to outreach, by supplying copies to worthy causes, local libraries and schools – the latter specially to encourage young contributors – and aspire to offer readers the very best regional literary magazine in Scotland.

POTB is made up of a team of dedicated enthusiasts committed to promoting creative culture over profit.

The individual team members, all volunteers, have the wide range of experience and skills relevant to the creation, administration, production and promotion of a high-quality literary magazine. In 2014, POTB were awarded charitable status.

One of the team’s main ongoing objectives is to raise the profile of the magazine, thereby helping writers and artists reach a wider audience. It seeks to achieve this with help from many valued supporters, vendors – bookshops, galleries, artists’ studios, coffee-houses – and various reading events.

POTB is also keen to encourage talent early by offering publication opportunities to writers and artists aged from 12 to under 18. A key goal is to see Pushing Out the Boat a fixture in North-East Scotland’s literary firmament.

For further info, contact:

Pushing Out the Boat

Email: info@pushingouttheboat.co.uk

Website: www.pushoingouttheboat.co.uk