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Foyer Graphics

Foyer Graphics is a digital agency based in Aberdeen which specialises in creating brands and content for online, print and multimedia.

Established in 1999, Foyer Graphics works with a large variety of clients on all types of design work. The team specialises in digital design, but also works with partner companies to deliver projects such as advertising campaigns and website design.

Foyer Graphics is known as a friendly….

Glasgow Mentoring Network Ltd

Posted January 2002

  Glasgow Mentoring Network Ltd     The Glasgow Mentoring Network was set up informally in 1999 with the intention of bringing together organisations to share best practice in a field that was new to some and developing for all.   Since then, the network has become a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, […]

Grampian Employment Trust (*)

Posted January 2002

Grampian Employment Trust   The Grampian Employment Trust is one of a number of initiatives set up in Aberdeen to address the difficulties faced by people experiencing mental health problems in accessing employment. The 50/50 Approach adopted in the city was designed to ensure that there would be a genuine working partnership between the statutory […]

McSence Ltd

Posted January 2002

McSence Ltd   It was back in 1986 that Brian Tannerhill first initiated the idea of forming a Community Business that would provide employment and services to his local community as a response to the devastating effects of mining and factory closures. This business was to be called the Mayfield Community Self Employed Natural Collective […]

Birse Community Trust

Posted December 2001

Birse Community Trust Formed in 1999, the Birse Community Trust (BCT) is a local community business that was set up, "to promote the common good of the inhabitants of Birse parish and deliver wider public benefits". The Trust is a Limited Company, Scottish Charity and government approved Local Rural Partnership and is located in Mid […]