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Foyer Graphics

Foyer Graphics is a digital agency based in Aberdeen which specialises in creating brands and content for online, print and multimedia.

Established in 1999, Foyer Graphics works with a large variety of clients on all types of design work. The team specialises in digital design, but also works with partner companies to deliver projects such as advertising campaigns and website design.

Foyer Graphics is known as a friendly….

Prestoungrange Arts Festival Society

Posted August 2002

Prestoungrange Arts Festival Society Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes but Gordon, Baron Prestoungrange is perhaps a unique example in Scotland. Having made a successful career in marketing and business education in the Unites States, Gordon decided to reinvest some of his success in the town of his forebears, Prestonpans.   Founding the […]

Earthships Moray (*)

Posted August 2002

Earthships Moray Housing and Energy – IN THE HANDS OF THE COMMUNITY Would you like a home that: Is built mainly out of recycled materials You can help to build yourself Can be totally off the grid Provides its own water Deals with its own sewage Recycles its greywater creating beautiful indoor gardens Powers itself […]

Royston Road Project

Posted August 2002

Royston Road Project Royston Road Project Ltd was established in 1998. Galvanised by the threat to the future of an important local landmark, the Townhead Spire, the company formed quickly and embarked on its first major project: the design and construction of 2 new public spaces: one with the "saved" Townhead spire as its focus; […]

Redhall Walled Garden (*)

Posted August 2002

Redhall Walled Garden Redhall Walled Garden is a Victorian walled garden on the west side of Edinburgh. Since 1983 the garden has provided a supportive working environment for people living with mental health difficulties. (Many people will suffer from some kind of mental illness during their lifetime (1 in 4 in Scotland) or are in […]

New Moray LETS

Posted August 2002

New Moray LETS Member Stewart Noble writes from Forres:   Members of a Local Exchange Trading System in the North of Scotland have now exchanged more than half a million LETS since the project started in June 1997. A LET is a Local Exchange Token which is ‘paid’ to another member in return for a […]

Castlemilk Budgeting Services (*)

Posted August 2002

Castlemilk Budgeting Services Castlemilk Budgeting Service is an independent registered charity that was established in 1999 to assist people to overcome debt problems and improve their quality of life. The Service can, and will, assist anyone with any level of debt, however, the ultimate aim is to prevent legal actions (Warrant sales and Poindings) and […]

Theatre NEMO

Posted July 2002

Theatre NEMO Theatre NEMO is a campaigning theatre, which was set up in East Kilbride in 2001 by Isabel McCue.  The theatre is dedicated to helping people who have been affected by mental health issues to participate in the arts as a means of stimulation and self-help. The purpose of this type of involvement by […]

Govanhill Community Development Trust (*)

Posted July 2002

Govanhill Community Development Trust The Area Govanhill lies in the south side of Glasgow just over a mile from the city centre. It has a population of 8, 500, 30% of whom are from the black and minority ethnic community. The history of Govanhill is closely linked to the history of the Dixon family and […]

West Kilbride Community Initiative Ltd (*)

Posted June 2002

The West Kilibride Community Initiative Ltd The West Kilbride Community Initiative Ltd is made up of a group of community volunteers who formed ourselves into a Ltd Company three years ago. We are a registered Charity and an enrolled environmental body. Our main aim is to regenerate the Town Centre of West Kilbride. We realised […]

Community Can Cycle Project (*)

Posted June 2002

Pedal Power in Castlemilk – The Community Can Cycle Project Our Organisation Community Can Cycle is a social enterprise and recognised Scottish charity that operates in the Castlemilk area of Glasgow. Our organisation was formed in October 2000 by Jim O’Donnell, a local social entrepreneur, with support from Castlemilk Economic Development Agency. Our aim is […]

Emmaus Glasgow

Posted June 2002

  Emmaus Glasgow A Home, Work, a New Beginning – Helping Homeless People Help Themselves Emmaus Glasgow will be a flagship project for Scotland, building on the success of a model developed and applied world-wide over the last 50 years. A self-help and self-supporting social business run by a community of up to 17 homeless people, […]

Sustainable Communities Initiative

Posted May 2002

Sustainable Communities Initiative Sustainable Communities Initiatives is a voluntary organisation working to encourage and support sustainable living. We like to work with creative projects at a grass roots level, bringing sustainability level and turning rhetoric into a tangible living thing that brings people together.   Our projects, such as Earthship Fife and Creative Waste Workshops […]