Open Aye CIC – February 2020

Open Aye provides engaging photography and videos for charity, social enterprise and community sector clients. It specialises in creating visual stories which show positive social change – and aim to accurately reflect Scotland’s people, places, issues and solutions.

Open Aye’s team of professional photographers help clients to demonstrate their social impact, through authentic, representative and ethical imagery.

As a community interest company (CIC), Open Aye creates its own social impact, too. It also runs participatory photography projects, for a range of purposes, groups and topics. These include projects with advocacy outputs, therapeutic outcomes or social action research methodologies.

Since 2010, it has been engaged in over 50 major participatory photo projects, involving over 700 participants from communities of difference, diversity, disability and disadvantage.

With over a decade of experience of providing relevant images and unique participatory projects for Scotland’s third sector, Open Aye is more than just a photo agency. We are an ethical photo collective, which understands how to use photography as a tool for social practice and positive change.

Open Aye’s services include:

Photography: Open Aye provides professional photography for multimedia communications in Scotland. They create inspiring, accurate and accessible imagery which can be used to raise awareness of issues, garner support, promote attitudinal and behavioural change, and demonstrate social impact. Their professional work is used in marketing materials, social media feeds, funding applications, impact reports, press releases, news editorials, exhibitions and teaching materials.

Videos: Open Aye provides video services to clients who are looking or short documentary style stories of the work they do. Videos are often used on social media platforms to give an insight into people, places and projects.

Participatory Workshops: Their participatory photo projects can be for advocacy, social action research projects or for therapeutic photography purposes. Advocacy workshops have raised awareness on issues such as homelessness, human rights, health & wellbeing, urban planning, environmental stewardship, employability, crime & justice and many more. Their social action research projects enable all to have a voice in analysis which concerns them. And their therapeutic participation work has resulted in hundreds of people harnessing creativity in nature for their wellbeing.

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