Moffat CAN

Moffat CAN

Moffat CAN is a community-owned company and charity. Our aims are environmental protection, relief of poverty and, especially, carbon reduction. CAN stands for Carbon approaching Neutral. CAN is working to achieve national and international targets on reducing climate change pollution in our rural town in Southern Scotland.

CAN was constituted in February 2009, and spent its first year focusing on a doorstep energy survey, to encourage uptake of insulation measures, and to promote energy efficiency. 

Projects and services now include:
Building History

The biggest re-use so far, is the preservation of a derelict church. The Old Free Church, built in 1843, became Moffat’s Fire Station in 1897, and then a Council Depot in the 1979.
The Council stopped using the Church Depot in the 1990s, and since then it became progressively more derelict. After ten years of failing to sell the building on the open market, the Council voted to sell it to CAN for £1 in August 2009. About an acre of land is attached – formerly the town’s drying green. Building work started in earnest during the Summer of 2010 and it has now been returned it to its former glory.
Moffat CAN’s Tasty Waste Project 


Over £1 billion worth of food is wasted by consumers in Scotland each year. That’s an average of £430 per household.


U CAN Recycle


In April 2010 when the Council withdrew their doorstep recycling service, Moffat CAN launched U CAN – Upper Annandale CAN – a doorstep real recycling service for the 6500 households in Lockerbie, Lochmaben, Moffat and Beattock. At present they collect paper (inc. magazines, directories etc), cardboard, books, textiles, cans and plastic bottles.




Newspaper goes to Galloway Shred-a-Bed.  Shred-a-bed creates animal bedding, by shredding old newspapers. Newspaper bedding is free from the fungal spores which can affect horses, so it is preferred by many large stables. Ayr Racecourse is one of their customers. 


Furniture Collections & Small Scale Removals

Moffat CAN also recycles unwanted furniture and white goods.  If items of furniture are clean, in good condition (and have the necessary fire labels) and you live nearby, we can collect for free.  If the items are not in a sale-able condition or you live outside Moffat, we may need to charge to collect.  White goods must be in good working order. 


CAN has also created Scotland’s first aquaponics greenhouse on the site. This is a novel, low-input, low carbon food production method, derived from the Aztecs. It combines hydroponics – where food is grown without soil in a nutrient rich water supply, with aquaculture, growing fish in tanks – so that the waste water from the fish tank becomes the nutrient source for the plants.


For further information on the work of Moffat CAN, contact:


Chris Balance
Development Officer
Moffat CAN
Old Church Depot
Tel: 01683 – 221847