Mind Yer Heid

Mind Yer Heid is an independent, non-profit mental health magazine, publishing personal, professional and hybrid stories of mental health.

Established in Edinburgh in 2018, its mission is to gather and share stories from anyone who has been affected by mental health or who has an interest in taking part in this important and ongoing conversation.

Mind Yer Heid’s approach to publication is not based on literary qualifications, the website acts instead as an open forum for anyone who has something to say about mental health.

Contributors to Mind Yer Heid also don’t have to have had a diagnosis to be published; the project runs on the belief that everyone has ‘mental health’ that needs to be respected and minded.

Running alongside Mind Yer Heid is the Pure Sound Project, which aims to make stories about mental health as accessible as possible for those who find the process of reading a challenge from time to time.

Pure Sound Project is a platform where anyone can upload their own or others’ stories of mental health in the form of song, comedy, film trailers, spoken-word, or any other form of multimedia.

The materials don’t necessarily have to directly address mental health – contributors are encouraged to share any piece of work which has had an impact on them, perhaps something that has previously helped them through a difficult period.

You can see contributions to Mind Yer Heid at https://www.mindyerheid.com/, or make a contribution to Pure Sound Project here.


For more information, contact:

Website: https://www.mindyerheid.com/

Email: hello@mindyerheid.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindyerheid

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