Locavore Trading

In early 2018, Glasgow-based community kitchen and local food shop Locavore launched a new arm of their social enterprise – Locavore Trading.


Locavore Trading aims to help build more sustainable food economies by sourcing sustainable and organic groceries direct from producers in large volumes, supplying them to progressive independent retailers and caterers who share their values and aspirations for a better food future.


The aim of Locavore Trading is to provide a significant market to responsible producers while offering good value, good quality food to progressive businesses and their customers.


Collectively this will help provide an alternative to supermarkets and mainstream supply chains, which rarely have the best interests of society and the environment at heart.


The idea for the new venture arose with the opportunity for Locavore to acquire Healthy Oils, a wholesaler they had been using since 2003. One of their favourite suppliers, Healthy Oils’ wholesale operation had previously allowed Locavore to price their stock very competitively (often cheaper than supermarkets) for everyday organic staples like pasta, tinned tomatoes, and oils.


Healthy Oils comes with an established customer base of around 80 shops, cafés and caterers around the UK, as well as established relationships with a variety of suppliers – from small scale organic olive growers to producers of organic tinned pulses and tomatoes.


This new business will allow Locavore to enact a direct, positive change in the food system at a scale which was previously not possible due to the scale of the enterprise.


Locavore are always on the lookout for progressive businesses and new suppliers to add to their customer base so that over time they can help strengthen the whole sector – supporting real alternatives to supermarkets. See info below for how to get in touch!



For more information, contact:

Nithsdale Road Shop

66 Nithsdale Road
G41 2AN

Phone: 0141 328 3303
Email: shop@glasgowlocavore.org


Calder Street Office & Warehouse

502 Calder Street
G42 0QD

Phone: 0141 423 8685
Website: http://glasgowlocavore.org/
Facebook: Facebook.com/GlasgowLocavore
Twitter: @GlasgowLocavore

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