Küche is a social enterprise which looks to create food-led events discussing the anthropology of food in collaboration with multi-cultural chefs.

Based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Küche aims to provoke discussion, promote integration, celebrate minority cuisines and create empowering work opportunities.

Küche works closely with people who are navigating the UK immigration system to create events which bring people together, open up inclusive conversations and work towards forging more socially and culturally aware communities.

Founder Deborah May started the idea in 2016 with the Syrian Supper Club event in Edinburgh, a pop-up food and activist event in Edinburgh which invites diners to share food, stories and recipes at an informal round the dinner table conversation.

Since then, Küche has gone on to develop an original, varied and thought-provoking line-up of events and projects in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

A New Scot’s Menu brought asylum seekers from Syria, Eritrea, Sudan together to celebrate and explore how Scottish cuisine could adapt with the arrival of different cultures from around the world.

An Anti-Colonial Menu was a dine and view event which looked to discuss ancestral delicacies from the African continent pre-colonial rule.

Last year, Kuche’s Dinner Doctor event created a medicinal three-course menu which explored delicacies and recipes from Algeria that supposedly heal and give strength to the human body.

Aside from one-off events celebrating cultural diversity, Kuche has also developed several community projects to benefit people living in food poverty, people navigating the UK immigration system, as well as those suffering from loneliness and social isolation.

These include Kitchen on Prescription, a social prescribing offer of community cooking workshops over a six-month period to address low health and life expectancy statistics in Glasgow, and Shared Space, a mixed-form arts company which works with those negotiating migration systems at all levels; exploring and expanding creative practice through artistic play and experimentation.


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Website: https://www.kueche.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KucheExplore/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kuche_glasgow/