Kilfinan Community Forest Company (KCFC)

Kilfinan Community Forest Company (KCFC) is charity set up in 2007 to work with and for the local community to manage and develop their forest, creating opportunities for a sustainable future for the local economy, recreation and tourism, the environment and education.

The principal activity of KCFC is to manage ownership of 434 hectares of Acharossan Forest – purchased from the Forestry Commission Scotland in 2010 and 2015 – to deliver a range of benefits to the community of Kilfinan. These benefits include local employment, the development of recreational activities, the creation of a valuable educational resource for environmental activities, and the provision of affordable housing opportunities. A further key aim is to create a truly ‘working forest’, with training and volunteering opportunities to bring key forestry skills to the community.

As well as creating new infrastructure, KCFC manages the existing forest to protect the local environment and sustain a natural forest. KCFC has maintained an average of 3 FTE staff posts since the project started in 2010.

As part of KCFC’s efforts to generate additional income, they run a number of initiatives – Forest Products – which include selling seasoned firewood; milled timber for building and DIY projects; as well as a range of other products such as charcoal, raised beds and planters.

All their wood is sustainably sourced from the forest and milled onsite in their saw mill. In buying your wood products from KCFC, you’re supporting the long-term management of the community forest, helping the local economy and reducing your carbon footprint – plus you’re getting an excellent product at a very competitive price.

For further information, contact:

Kilfinan Community Forest Company (KCFC)

Kilfinan Community Forest


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