Jangling Space

Jangling Space is about being collaborative, they seek to involve people as both thinker and doer in all of their work.  By making things together at Jangling Space, they wish share ideas and skills naturally with one another.

Members share their knowledge, skills and abilities with each other.  They all teach each other – all having something to offer.  They aim for people to become active in their community by learning that action is the key.

By making things together, people feel more connected. To themselves, to others around them, to their community. It’s good for you.

They use their collective ideas to generate products that are both beautiful and have meaning.  Currently, members are choosing to work with stained glass.

This happens mainly in their Open Workshop, which takes place in Shawlands Arcade, Glasgow.  They work ‘out-in-the-open’, people can see us working in our shop.

Open Workshops are FREE to attend.  You are able to learn the skills needed to make products in a friendly, supportive environment.  This is not a class, they teach each other.  You might be learning from someone who has just a couple of weeks more experience than yourself.

When thinking about their products, they want to incorporate ‘found’ or discarded materials as much as possible.

This sends a message that there is beauty in almost everything around us.  How can we see our world differently, and what role do we play?

Alongside their ‘bread-and-butter’ products made in the Open Workshop, they also take commissions and can advise and carry out repair work.

Their aim is to be self-sustaining – as they see this as vitally important to their overall independence.


For further info, contact:

Jangling Space
Unit H, Shawlands Arcade

Kilmarnock Road

Glasgow G41 3RS

Twitter: @janglingspace

E-mail: info@janglingspace.org

Website: www.janglingspace.org