Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities is a social enterprise that trains people affected by homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city and offer these alternative tours to tourists and locals.

Their training focuses on confidence building, public speaking and customer service – and they partner with professional tour guides to build bespoke tours and practice their routes.

Each of their tour guides has experience of homelessness or social disadvantage. They have seen their city from many more angles than the average tour guide can offer, be it the famous landmarks or the social enterprises that make this great city what it is.

All of their guides have experienced homelessness or social disadvantage before and they believe:

  • Homelessness is not always what people think.
  • People don’t need to sleep rough to be considered homeless. They can be staying with friends, in B&Bs or in hostels.
  • Homelessness can and does happen to everyone for all sorts of reasons such as loss of a job, health issues, family breakdown etc.

Founder Zakia Moulaoui is originally from France and has been living in Scotland for 10 years. She has worked with local and international charities – including being Director of International Partner Development at the Homeless World Cup Foundation,

She founded Invisible Cities in 2016 and now dedicates 100% of her time to it, managing the team in Edinburgh and finding ways to replicate it around the world.

In 2018, they started replicating Invisible Cities in other cities, with Manchester, to be launched in June 2018 and Glasgow in August 2018.

In each city, they partner with another organisation and develop a team to make it a success.

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