ImPerfect Foods

ImPerfect helps businesses and organisations find smart ways to become more resource efficient and profitable. They partner with a diverse range of stakeholders – in the hospitality, retail and public sectors – to raise awareness of food waste behaviours and to reduce food waste footprints. Through their range of food products, they put ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables to good use and invest back into local communities. In doing so, they seek to take an innovative and responsible approach to reducing food waste.

Good food is going to waste in the UK.  A total of £9bn of avoidable food waste goes to landfill each year. Adopting sustainable practices can recover costs, reduce carbon emissions, and increase the overall security of local food systems. But in order to experience these benefits, all of us need to act now.

Our food system is complex, making it more sustainable doesn’t have to be so. Through ImPerfect Foods’ consultancy, advocacy, and product development, they look to provide solutions for enhanced societal, environmental, and economic benefit. Their work with specific sectors include:

Hospitality Sector

Adopting food waste reduction strategies can help increase your profit margins. Food waste is widespread and opportunities exist across your food value chain to recover costs. We help you increase sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint and complement your Corporate Social Responsibility approach.

Food Retail Sector

Waste in the food supply chain costs food retailers billions of pounds each year. Integrating sustainability practices and policies in stock management, sourcing and preparation can increase your bottom line We help you become more competitive and reduce operating costs by managing and decreasing food waste.

Public Sector

Public bodies work under budgetary and legislative constraints. Meeting social, economic and environmental government targets are critical to performance. We find innovative ways to reduce spend and increase efficiency. Through sustainable policies and procedures, we help you achieve best value in your service delivery.


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