Ideas for Ears

Ideas for Ears is a progressive, fresh-thinking social enterprise that is run by people with hearing loss – and takes a grass roots approach.

They support organisations to make their products, services and facilities more accessible, desirable and effective for people with hearing loss – and involve people with hearing loss in what they do, including their award-winning Community Hearing Hub volunteers.

Ideas for Ears’ activities help to remove barriers and to reduce the numbers of people experiencing communication disadvantage or discrimination.

The goal of their work is to enable greater equality, diversity and inclusion and promotes higher levels of participation, well-being and independence.

Specifically, they focus on three areas of activity:

  • Educating people about hearing and deafness – to equip them to understand, measure and tackle the barriers and obstacles that impact on communication, participation and enjoyment.
  • Assessing whether people with hearing loss are having their needs met – and identifying where communication disadvantage or discrimination is potentially or certainly occurring.
  • Providing specialist project support to organisations looking for great results – and offering bespoke consultancy around access and inclusion, marketing and engagement.

For further information, contact:

Ideas for Ears

57-59 High Street


Perthshire FK15 0EE