Hope Amplified

Hope Amplified is a community-led organisation which works to support children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds to meet their full potential and participate fully in society.

Working with partners across the public and third sector, Hope Amplified has developed a range of initiatives to help people develop their social, financial, employability and life skills.

Its services are open to all members of the public and are designed to encourage equal opportunity and the participation of those who are underrepresented in the community- such as the elderly, disabled and financially excluded.

Hope Amplified also pays particular focus to Black and Minority Ethnic members of the community – who are often disadvantaged as a result of disillusionment, lack of opportunities, social and cultural exclusion, and financial deprivation.

At the heart of Hope Amplified’s activities is the Kush Entrepreneurship Development Centre – a place for members of the community to pursue the path of entrepreneurship through a range of support services and workshops.

The primary purpose of the centre is to develop, encourage and incentivise the African and the ethnic minority community to become innovative business leaders who can create wealth for communities through job creation.

The centre provides access to skills acquisition, vocational training programmes, management and financial handling of training, ethical and compliance issues, mentors, role models, industry experts and ongoing support for members’ business ventures.

Hope Amplified also runs In The Black Project – an initiative which aims to provide financial literacy workshops and seminars to the BAME Community in Glasgow, South & North Lanarkshire.

The project is designed to tackle economic and financial issues headlong at the grassroots level, identified as the root cause of family break-up arising from divorce, instability, depressive behaviour, poverty and crime in the community.

Other initiatives include a series of workshops for parents and families which provide guidance on budgeting, saving, improving communication, teaching children about money and values, and coping with consumer culture.


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