Heavy Sound CIC

Heavy Sound was established to offer more engaging and alternative forms of music and arts-based activities which can meet the needs and interests of all.

These activities are delivered using a range of equipment and techniques to reach and include people. The approaches are designed to encourage participation of typically non-performers, to build strengths, develop skills and overcome barriers.

Heavy Sound CIC specialise in delivering music projects for young people who are at-risk, in areas of multiple deprivation, are disengaged and who have experienced trauma.

Projects incorporate the use of electronic music production and sound engineering to create a range of genres, rapping, creative writing, recording and more. Programmes aim to promote personal development and learning opportunities through hands on experience and mentoring.

Heavy Sound CIC offers young people aged 13-25 years the opportunity to engage in unique approaches to development and learning.  Through creative learning activities, projects explore challenges faced by participants, re-engaging them and improving confidence and self-worth.

They also work closely with target groups to tackle social issues including attainment, inequality, bullying, the importance of positive role models, risky behaviours, offending, wellbeing, health issues including chronic health problems and mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse, learning difficulties and additional support needs, disability, and homelessness.

Projects are typically delivered once a week between 8 -12 weeks and offer ongoing engagement and support for young people thereafter. Heavy Sound also offers specially tailored programmes for working with young people one-one where group work activities might not possible.

As a result of the projects, some participants are offered volunteering and employment opportunities with Heavy Sound, others are supported into further education, training and employment.

Heavy Sound is currently building towards delivering SQA accredited courses to participants in music/sound production, skills for work, wellbeing and positive futures.


For further info, contact:

Heavy Sound CIC
Linda Bendle – Operations Manager



07868 651960




Website: http://www.heavysoundcic.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/heavysoundCIC