Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolates

Joyce began volunteering at the family Hub centre at Cornton Vale HMP and YOI when it opened in 2013. Until that point she had no involvement with the criminal justice system but hearing the stories of the women and their families touched her heart.

By 2017 the idea of supporting the women through the making and selling of “exquisitely wrapped chocolates” had been planted. She began speaking with people who knew a thing or two about the criminal justice system and expected to be told it was a daft idea that would never work. On the contrary: everyone was full of encouragement and support. Some thought she was crazy but helped anyway and less than a year after the first conversation the first Grace Chocolates were being produced.

From the very early daysthey began our partnership with the Scottish Prison Service and a lady from Cornton Vale was one of the team.

Positive Changes is a Community Interest Company with a Board of Directors with specific duties and responsibilities for the governance and management of the organisation. The day to day operations and running of the organisation is the responsibility of the Chief Executive.

The organisation operates due to the dedication and commitment of a team of volunteers who gift their time and talents tirelessly and willingly and for whom the management and staff are very grateful. The management team are also very grateful for the practical and financial assistance provided by funders and supporters without whom they could not support the women as they do.

Some statistics:

  • 5% of the prison population is women.
  • 43% of women leaving prison reoffend with a year.
  • On average, it costs £65,000 to imprison a woman and a further £45,000 for each year she remains in prison.
  • There are 3 things which help break the cycle of reoffending: family relationships, a home and a job?

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