Giraffe Healthcare

Giraffe Healthcare is a community interest company which provides a state-of-the-art online platform for the remote delivery of high quality, personalised healthcare.

As a significant number of people are unable to access traditional face to face health services due to work and family commitments, issues with language and culture, lack of transport or because of disability.

Giraffe Healthcare provides a solution thorough the remote delivery of clinical services to improve clinical outcomes for patients and efficiency for clinical service providers.


What is Web-based Physiotherapy?

The initial product of Giraffe Healthcare is web-based physiotherapy, an evidence-based product which has been developed over a number of years in co-production with therapists and patients.

The patient is assessed by their physiotherapist who selects the exercises required from our extensive library of exercises. The patient logs onto the platform, completes their individualised exercise programme and fills out an exercise diary which the physiotherapist can see from their clinical base.

The physiotherapist reviews the diary and can quickly and simply alter the programme depending on any change in clinical condition. Each exercise page consists of a video, audio and text description of the exercise.

In addition to the exercise pages, the platform has an advice/education section which can be customised for the healthcare provider. This section can contain text, graphical or video information and may also include the healthcare provider branding.

Giraffe Healthcare provides a licence to the healthcare provider/therapist which allows the therapist to deliver online, interactive, personalised exercise programmes to their patients with the option of a customisable advice and education section.

If you are a third sector organisation or social enterprise providing clinical services and would like to know more or for a free trial please contact at or 07751034343.

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