Fearless Femme

Fearless Femme is a non-profit mental health project, online magazine and creative community which aims to empower feminists of all genders to overcome stress, anxiety and all the challenges that life throws at them.

The Edinburgh-based social enterprise wants to de-stigmatise mental health and give people the tools and vocabulary required to build “stronger and more fearless mental spaces” within themselves.

Fearless Femme celebrates the innate strengths of young people. Its online magazine focuses on issues such as how to boost one’s self-esteem, tackle anxiety and depression, develop a positive body image, and manage academic, financial and work pressures.

The online magazine is particularly interested in receiving submissions from marginalised creatives so that their voices are heard. The idea is for readers to have a deeper understanding of the spectrum of ways in which mental health affects people from diverse backgrounds.

Articles, podcasts and videos are regularly posted on the website, promoting the idea that it’s okay to have problems with your mental health, as well as guidance for what to do when these issues come to the fore.

Fearless Femme is also currently part of a research project in partnership with the University of Edinburgh. The project will collect data and research on the challenges that female and non-binary students face, which can then be used to inform government and university/college policies on supporting student wellbeing.

The data collected will also be used to shape the magazine’s future content to ensure that it reflects the needs of readers.

Fearless Femme’s mission is being funded by the European Union and Scottish Government through the Social Innovation Fund to help them reach out and support as many young people as possible.


Email: info@fearlessfemme.co.uk.

Website: https://www.fearlessfemme.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FearlessFemme