Caledonia Cremation

Caledonia Cremation is Scotland’s first not-for-profit funeral directors, offering direct cremations as a way to combat funeral poverty.

A direct cremation is an alternative to organising a traditional funeral service, which can often cost thousands of pounds.

Direct cremations provide a flexible option, with no service at the crematorium. Caledonia Cremation take care of all the practical arrangements for a fixed rate of £995, leaving families free to make their own arrangements for a memorial service at a time, date and location of their choosing.

As a social enterprise, any profits are always reinvested into Caledonia Cremation’s social mission: helping people in Scotland’s poorest communities who struggle to cope with bereavement.

Caledonia Cremation is part of the charity Community Renewal Trust and its work is part funded by the Scottish Government and European Social Fund’s Social Innovation Fund.

Aside from providing funeral services, Caledonia Cremation can also offer grieving families bereavement counselling and an advice service where required.

The inspiration to launch Caledonia Cremation came when founder Paul McColgan experienced a traumatic death in his family: “Sadly I have first-hand experience of the strain that this can place on a family, when my brother in law died suddenly in his twenties.

“Like many young families there was no provision for such an unexpected event, but fortunately other family members were able to support the funeral costs. It highlighted to me the terrible financial burden arranging a funeral can place on many families, particularly younger families and that something needed to be done.”


For more information, contact:

Caledonia Cremation
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