Ask Clyde

Ask Clyde
Ask Clyde is an emerging social firm, which is defined as ‘a business created to employ people with a disability or other disadvantage within the labour market. They seek to use their business activities to fulfil a social mission’.

The two key benchmarks of a social firm are that 50% or above of the turnover of the business will be derived from sales of goods or services to the market. Secondly, 25% or above, of the waged workforce will be people with a disability or other disadvantage who are integrated into the workforce.

Ask Clyde is supported by the following organisations:

•  Scottish Executive European Regional Development Fund, Clyde Waterfront Urban ll Programme  2000 – 2006

•  West Dunbartonshire Council

•  Communities Scotland 

•  West Dunbartonshire Partnership

•  Greater Glasgow NHS Board

•  Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire

Ask Clyde provides research and consultancy services to both public and private sector clients. The range of work undertaken reflects the skills and expertise offered by Ask Clyde staff, who are committed to delivering the highest possible standards of service to agreed deadlines.

The main services offered are:

• Market Research

Ask Clyde will undertake the collection and analysis of data from a sample of individuals or organisations relating to their characteristics, behaviour, attitudes, opinions or possessions.

• Evaluation Services

A service which will answer agreed questions and assist in making a judgement against specific criteria.

• Business Planning

Writing and compiling a complete description of a business and its plans for the next 1-3 years.

• Feasibility Studies

Examining the economic, marketing, technical, managerial, and financial aspects of a proposed idea

• Impact Assessments

Undertaking research studies that measure the impact of services provided upon specific aspects.

For further information, contact:
David Lyon
Ask Clyde
C/o West Dunbartonshire Council
7 Bruce St.
G81 1TT
Tel: 0141 951 6137
Fax: 0141 951 6227