Appin Community Co-op

The Appin community co-op was formally set up as a friendly society company limited by guarantee in 1983.

Its aim was to protect the village shop, an essential service for the community, and to help develop the local economy.

The community took over Port Appin Stores in 1984 and has gone on to build a popular and successful business with store profits being ploughed back into the community.

Since 1991, store profits have part-funded the charitable support work of the Appin Community Trust.

Coop membership is open to anyone with Appin’s interest at heart. Shares are fixed value at £50 each. One vote per shareholding (not per share).

Shares are redeemable (as of right) upon leaving the area, death or hardship or at the discretion of the management committee.

The main Trust activity over recent months has been the planning and organisation of the Appin and Lismore Community Homecare.

This has been in collaboration with the Argyll and Bute Integrated Care Team (Health and Social Services) and Highland Homecare (an employee owned Care Provider).

The idea is to produce an easy, user-friendly service, especially for those in need of the Government’s Personal Care Programme.

Some other recent (and ongoing) projects include:

  • Community Hydro Scheme
  • Port Appin Land
  • Jubilee Bridge Renovation
  • Appin Craft Shop
  • Community Car Park
  • All-weather Sports Pitch


For more on the work of the Appin Community Co-operative, see: