Age Concern Enterprises

Age Concern Enterprises

EARLY next year, Age Concern Scotland and Help the Aged Scotland will merge into one charity – under an as yet undecided title.
With an ageing population in Scotland, the need for help and support for older people has never been greater.

But like all charities, Age Concern and Help the Aged have suffered in the recession. Donations are down, legacies and investments are worth less, and public sources of funding are drying up – all reasons why the two merging bodies are looking at new ways of earning money.

Like many charities, Age Concern Scotland and Help the Aged Scotland are moving into the sphere of social enterprise – with a range of products designed to raise valuable funds, but also to help older people.

Age Concern Enterprises Scotland general manager Logan Steele oversees a range of services, including travel and home insurance, as well as funeral planning. Last year, the commercial arm of the organisation raised a quarter of a million pounds for its charitable works.

The organisation recently branched out into providing emergency alarms for older people living alone and is looking at other suitable enterprises, such as providing stair-lifts and mobility equipment or private health insurance for older people.

Eventually the charity’s 15 shops may be brought in to act as a shop window for the various commercial enterprises.

See full article (Scotsman, August 2009)

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