Action for Change

Action for Change

Action for Change was formed when Mike Trevett graduated from the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Fife in 2004.  Initially a constituted group, Action for Change is now a social enterprise and a charity, importantly an affiliate of the Earth Charter in Scotland. The Earth Charter is the UN sponsored document ‘Values and Principles for a Sustainable Future’.

Their main area of work has been working with communities ‘ to map the things that make life worthwhile’ creating maps of community strengths, and linking information on those maps regarding into Community Planning, to prompt focused action from local councils.

Action for Change believe there is no one answer to creating sustainable communities, individuals and organisations, but there are lots of creative solutions and ideas about how we can all move forward based on our own unique circumstances.

The organisation has been involved in two key projects; West Fife Villages and the Clackmannanshire Green Map.  Details and examples of the work can be found at under latest maps choose either west Fife villages or Clackmannanshire green map.

The programmes are about the development of strong, active communities in which local people within a geographical area are able to come together and have the capacity to do things for themselves. They can define the challenges they face and tackle them either independently or, if they choose, in partnership with others.
Action for Change works in partnership with community and voluntary groups as well as the local authority and other public agencies to create a positive image of the area through the following process:

Map  – Discover and learn about what exists
Reflect – Plan through dialogue and sharing expertise what needs to be done
Act  – working in partnership to make action at a local level for positive change in our communities

For further info`, contact:

Mike Trevett
Ivybank House, 19 Kirkbrae
Kincardine on Forth, FK10 4PX
Tel: 01259 – 730916