Delivering Employability Programmes Through Sport

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Published: 02.02.18

Executive Summary

This Briefing Paper aims to highlight the key components needed to effectively produce employability outcomes through sport-based activity.

The paper also identifies diverse funding streams and opportunities to access government contracts and routes to potential partnerships. Most employability organisations in Scotland recognise the Strategic Skills Pipeline model, which has been developed as a framework to support the effective delivery of employability services.

While many Sports Social Enterprises are supportive of employability interventions, few have the necessary resources or awareness of formal employability pathways. Nevertheless, many social enterprises acknowledge their general contribution to employability skills and some are happy to assist with CV writing, interview practice and job searching skills to help young people access the job market or further education.


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Case Studies

Denis Law Legacy Trust has developed a range of employability programmes to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour among young adults, while enhancing communities and improving levels of well-being. Click here to view its website.

Let’s Get Sporty runs a voluntary programme for young people aged 14-30 – Let’s Get Employed. The programme is specifically tailored for each participant, with each young person on the programme setting personal development goals to work towards. Click here to view its website.

Morton in the Community works to encourage mass participation and enjoyment in sport; develop creative education programmes; engage with those furthest from the labour market; and tackle health inequalities. Click here to view its website.