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Senscot Briefing Mental Health and Wellbeing Social Enterprise

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Published: 28.09.18

Executive Summary

This Briefing explores the the contribution social enterprises are making to the mental health and wellbeing of people in communities across Scotland. We examine the support provided, early interventions and the promotion of good mental health. The Briefing also considers where social enterprises fit into existing NHS services.

Poor mental health and significant health inequalities are an important public health challenge in Scotland. The Scottish Government’s 2017-27 Mental Health Strategy recognises mental health as being equally important to physical health and calls for a preventative and early intervention approach, recognising the broad range of factors required to collectively improve wellbeing.

Recent public health reform activity, has included the development of public health priorities for Scotland. ‘A Scotland where we have good mental wellbeing’ is one of six priorities identified.

A whole system approach is cited as a key principle underpinning the reform programme, with recognition of the need for closer collaboration on the priorities across the whole system of partners and organisations across the wider public sector, third sector and beyond.

This paper aims to demonstrate the existing contribution of social enterprise to improving mental health & wellbeing and highlighting opportunities to maximise the benefits – as well as suggestions to overcome current challenges.


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Case Studies

MsMissMrs is a social enterprise based in the Maryhill area of Glasgow which works with women and girls to improve their self-esteem, often after traumatic life events. Their primary activities centre around Get S.E.T., a six-week recovery programme based around developing self-care techniques and providing women with the tools to manage their physical, mental, social and emotional health. Visit their website.

Crisis Counselling has supported over 840 young people in the last year alone, 7% of whom have attempted suicide. Crisis offer a wide range of counselling services and operate all over the country, with over 80 therapists and associates covering issues such as family breakdown, military service, bereavement and trauma. Visit their website.

MHScot Workplace Wellbeing offers a range of training and consultancy services to help employers and employees engender a healthy environment in the workplace. Since 2015, MHScot has delivered 53 courses and workshops, 75% of which were two-day Mental Health First Aid courses. Visit their website.