Loneliness & Social Isolation: The Role of Social Enterprise

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Published: 25.08.17

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government’s recent communications have provided a clear message to the third sector about their commitment to developing a national strategy to tackle loneliness and social isolation.

Engagement in developing the strategy has taken place over recent months and SEs are pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute. With the national strategy to tackle loneliness and social isolation due to be drafted later this year, SEs are keen to provide further input and connect with partners to ensure the delivery of a successful, robust strategy.

This briefing paper aims to increase partners’ awareness of the role that social enterprise can play in tackling loneliness and social isolation through a wide range of interventions, as well as demonstrating added value that the social enterprise model provides for the public purse.


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Case Studies

Community Food Initiatives North East runs a range of initiatives aimed at creating work opportunities through food provision and education programmes. They have established a large network of community food outlets across Aberdeenshire, and facilitate a food bank at their head office in Aberdeen. Click here to view its website.

Lingo Flamingo has developed a series of language classes which are designed to slow the onset of dementia. The classes are delivered at care homes across Scotland, providing a social setting for people while also improving self-confidence through learning. Click here to view its website.

The No.1 Befriending Agency aims to reduce loneliness and isolation by creating connections and building confidence. No.1 offers a befriending service, as well as providing personal and social support both at home and in the community. Click here to view its website.

Badenoch & Strathspey Community Transport Company wants to see a community free of social exclusion and injustice where everyone has mobility and access to the services they require. It aims to provide affordable accessible transport for people living in a rural area, where public transport is very scarce. Click here to view its website.

ROAR: Connections for Life is a provider of preventative, health and wellbeing services for older people through the development of community opportunities that connect lives. Click here to view its website.