Cinema & Community Regeneration: The Role of Social Enterprise

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Published: 24.11.17

Executive Summary

Published in 2016, Creative Scotland’s Mapping Film Exhibition in Scotland provided a comprehensive overview of film exhibitors across the country, identifying 324 exhibitor locations from film societies in pubs all the way through to large multiplexes. In the same year, a joint report from Regional Screen Scotland and Social Value Lab, Your Cinema, Your Community, offered a statistical analysis of the impact of local cinema in Scotland.

By researching the broad spectrum of cinema exhibition, these reports highlight gaps in provision, issues with accessibility, a lack of programming diversity and pressures on sustainability. They also demonstrate the importance of local cinema to communities, particularly in terms of removing barriers around geographical access and affordability.

This briefing looks at how community cinema can be used as a tool for rural, urban and community regeneration if the community are at the heart of the organisation.


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Case Studies

The Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy engages the local community with film culture and offers a venue for a variety of community events. Birks aims to show a wide variety of film screenings, as well as broadcasting live events from around the world. Click here to view its website.

Driftwood Cinema brings local people together for shared cultural experiences by taking the cinema to isolated communities. Events encourage social engagement, adding variety and vitality to community life. Click here to view its website.

North East Arts Touring develops and supports a network of voluntary promoters, enabling them to promote high-quality professional theatre and dance performances and community cinema screenings in rural venues across the north east of Scotland. Click here to view its website.