Senscot Briefings

Following a series of discussions and a survey among thematic SEN members, it was agreed that we would produce a series of Senscot Briefings. These Briefings explore the contribution that social enterprises have to make to important policy areas and social issues affecting Scotland. Some of the thematic areas considered include loneliness and social isolation, dementia, employability through sport, and community cinema.


Senscot Briefings

Adventure Tourism and Social Enterprise

Adventure Tourism

Highlighting the size and scale of adventure tourism in Scotland, outlining opportunities for social enterprises to capitalise on the routes to growth.

Social Enterprise in the Year of Young People

Year of the Young People

This Briefing highlights how social enterprise supports and involves young people, including the challenges faced, the advantages and the measures taken at a national level to ensure continued development of young people in social enterprise.

Community Tourism: The Role of Social Enterprise

Tarbert Harbour Senscot Briefing

Community Tourism

This Briefing explores how bringing local people and businesses together with third sector partners can help increase both visitor numbers and the quality of visitor experience – to the benefit of the local community. By encouraging local communities to take ownership of tourism in their area can help preserve historic and cultural heritage, improve management of land and assets for community use, encourage the development of new business opportunities, and improve the quality of services.

Social Prescribing: The Role of Social Enterprise

Senscot Briefings Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing

This Briefing considers various approaches to social prescribing, outlining how the principle values of social enterprise often dovetail appropriately with community-led health programmes.  It also highlights some of the challenges faced by social prescribing and how social enterprise can play its part in finding ongoing solutions – complementing traditional NHS health pathways in communities across Scotland. The case studies are: Clydesdale Community Initiatives; Good Morning Service; and the Care and Wellbeing Cooperative.


Delivering Employability Programmes through Sport


Delivering Employability Programmes through Sport

This Briefing Paper aims to highlight how social enterprise can deliver effective routes to employment through sport-based activity. To do this, key aspects of successful employability programmes will be outlined, including examples of diverse funding streams, opportunities to access public sector contracts and potential routes to fruitful partnerships. The case studies are Let’s Get Sporty; Morton in the Community; and the Denis Law Legacy Trust.


Dementia: The Role of Social Enterprise

Senscot Dementia Briefing Paper


Our Briefing Paper aims to increase awareness of the wide range of person centred products, activities and services developed by social enterprises to provide support for people living with dementia, their carers and extended family and friends. The Briefing includes case studies on three organisations – all taking different approaches to addressing the issues of dementia. The case studies are Talking Mats; Aberdeen FC Community Trust; and the Ally Bally Bee Project.


Cinema & Community Regeneration: The Role of Social Enterprise

Senscot Briefing Cinema & Regeneration

Cinema & Community Regeneration

There is a growing recognition that community cinema, at a national and local level, can play an important role in tackling cultural isolation, improving health and well-being and sustaining community cohesion. The Briefing identifies the specific contribution social enterprise makes, bringing about positive social change through a range of activities. Three examples are cited using case studies of community-run cinema: Driftwood (Dumfries and Galloway); The Birks (Aberfeldy); North East Arts Touring (Aberdeenshire).


Diet, Activity & Healthy Weight: The Role of Social Enterprise

Food Diet Healthy Eating Obesity Scotland

Diet, Activity and Healthy Weight

To coincide with the release of the Scottish Government’s consultation paper, A Healthier Future – Action and Ambitions on Diet, Activity, and Healthy Weight, our third Briefing examined the role of social enterprise in tackling Scotland’s obesity problem. Three case studies were included to demonstrate how social enterprises can increase access to healthy food and physical activities – Enterprise Childcare; Lanarkshire Community Food & Health Partnership; and Broxburn United Sports Club.


Sport for Change: Running a Sustainable Sports & Physical Activity Facility

Sport for Change

The second of our thematic Briefings focused on the issue of Sport for Change – the idea that sport and physical activity can be used as a conduit for social change at an individual and community level. Specifically, the Briefing examined how social enterprises can contribute to the Sport for Change agenda through the running of a sustainable sports facility. The three case studies used in this Briefing were: Garioch Sports Centre; Showcase the Street; and Fairfield Community Sports Hub.


Loneliness & Social Isolation: The Role of Social Enterprise

Loneliness & Social Isolation

Our first Briefing – “Loneliness and Social Isolation; the Role of Social Enterprise” – looks at the contribution social enterprises have to make at a community level to reduce the most acute causes and symptoms of social isolation. The Briefing includes case studies on five SEN members – CFINE ; Lingo Flamingo; ROAR; The No.1 Befriending Agency; and Badenoch and Strathspey Community Transport Company.