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Senscot Bulletin: 07.12.18

Dear members and friends, In the early 1970s, while attending Powderhall greyhound track, one of the ‘bookies’ asked me to help Sandy, an old guy sleeping rough in Edinburgh; that involvement was my introduction to Pilmar Smith who died on the 20th November, aged 87. Pilmar was a well-known Edinburgh bookmaker, but his passions – […]

Senscot Bulletin: 30.11.18

Dear members and friends, I remember the day, ten years ago, when RBS collapsed – the shock/disbelief on the face of a corporate lawyer, mumbling ‘anything can happen now’. I`m reminded of this by the collapse this month of the Johnston Press – and the realisation that the Scotsman Newspaper (200 years old) – is […]

Senscot Bulletin: 23.11.18

Dear members and friends, In stunning Autumn sunlight, I was burning leaves this week – leaf smoke like incense.  I have one of those garden incinerators – a galvanised bucket with holes, wee legs and a chimney lid; I light a log fire in the bottom third – when it’s established, you can just add […]

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Social Enterprise Network Newsletters

The SENs: Friday 18th May 2018

Senscot over the last 12 months has published a series of Social Enterprise Briefing Papers focussed on a range of issues – social prescribing, community tourism and dementia amongst others. Over the coming months we’ll be focussing on other issues relevant to social enterprise – including the Year of Young People and Mental Health. Two […]

The SENs: Friday 11th May 2018

A few years ago, when the SENs were still in their formative stages, we canvassed SEN members about the viability of a bulk purchasing initiative to reduce collective expenditure on office and other supplies. At the time, there wasn’t sufficient appetite for the initiative to be viable, but this has been raised again recently by […]

The SENs: Friday 4th May 2018

We were delighted to hear this week that P4P has secured continued funding for the year ahead. Initially funded as one of the SE Action Plan’s ‘early actions’, P4P has, in its first year, connected with over 70 social enterprises/third sector orgs; held over 20 events/surgeries; established two consortia; and supported tender submissions for 7 […]

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