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Senscot Bulletin 17.08.18

Dear members and friends, Despite Sunday’s foul weather, I drive 35mins up the M9 to the Circa restaurant near Doune (beautifully sourced and served haddock and chips); on the way back, at the Kincardine turnoff, my offside front tyre punctures – pull on to the hard shoulder. At 78, I’m physically challenged to change a […]

Senscot Bulletin 10.08.18

Dear members and friends, This quote is from John Le Carre’s classic 1963 cold war novel ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’; it is spoken to the central character Alec Leamas, by his lover Liz Gold; “I know you believe in something – you’ve got that look soetime – as though you’ve got […]

Senscot Bulletin 27.07.18

Dear members and friends, I’ve always enjoyed ‘start-ups’ – and have contributed (a guess) to around 50 over 50 years; funding came from a variety of sources – but the theme of ‘combating poverty’ would cover most. An impressive 18-month study by Liverpool University (120,000 calculations) has just revealed that 59 of the 100 most […]

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Social Enterprise Network Newsletters

The SENs: Friday 18th May 2018

Senscot over the last 12 months has published a series of Social Enterprise Briefing Papers focussed on a range of issues – social prescribing, community tourism and dementia amongst others. Over the coming months we’ll be focussing on other issues relevant to social enterprise – including the Year of Young People and Mental Health. Two […]

The SENs: Friday 11th May 2018

A few years ago, when the SENs were still in their formative stages, we canvassed SEN members about the viability of a bulk purchasing initiative to reduce collective expenditure on office and other supplies. At the time, there wasn’t sufficient appetite for the initiative to be viable, but this has been raised again recently by […]

The SENs: Friday 4th May 2018

We were delighted to hear this week that P4P has secured continued funding for the year ahead. Initially funded as one of the SE Action Plan’s ‘early actions’, P4P has, in its first year, connected with over 70 social enterprises/third sector orgs; held over 20 events/surgeries; established two consortia; and supported tender submissions for 7 […]

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