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Senscot Bulletin: 06.12.19

Dear members and friends, Wednesday evening, my fridge conks-out – dead; it’s not the fuse, so needs a more expert eye.  Thursday am, engineer wants £70 to come and look; he says Currys will deliver a new one and remove the old; he recommends this option.  Visit Currys and select basic larder fridge – £119; […]

Senscot Bulletin: 29.11.19

Dear members and friends, When, a few years ago, I became aware of the campaign to paint Jeremy Corbyn as racist – I gave it ‘nae chance’.  But I was wrong; these are the words of journalist Matt Kennard: “They’ve turned, maybe the most consistent anti-racist campaigner of his generation – into something comparable with […]

Senscot Bulletin: 22.11.19

Dear members and friends, Letter from the DVLA informing that my driving licence expires on 20th Dec: ‘To check you meet the legal eyesight standards for driving, you must attend an appointment with a DVLA approved optician….’. Whilst I’ve noticed no difference driving, my vision, reading books and screens, has definitely deteriorated; losing my car […]

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Social Enterprise Network Newsletters

Cultural & Tourism Newsletter – September 2019

Welcome to the September newsletter Our SE Conference, in partnership with Social Firms Scotland and Scottish Community Alliance, will be taking place on 25th/26th November 2019 – again at the Westerwood Hotel. Last week, we announced that Neil McInroy – Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) – will be one of our keynote speakers. Here’s […]

The SENs: Friday 18th May 2018

Senscot over the last 12 months has published a series of Social Enterprise Briefing Papers focussed on a range of issues – social prescribing, community tourism and dementia amongst others. Over the coming months we’ll be focussing on other issues relevant to social enterprise – including the Year of Young People and Mental Health. Two […]

The SENs: Friday 11th May 2018

A few years ago, when the SENs were still in their formative stages, we canvassed SEN members about the viability of a bulk purchasing initiative to reduce collective expenditure on office and other supplies. At the time, there wasn’t sufficient appetite for the initiative to be viable, but this has been raised again recently by […]

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