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Senscot Bulletin: 16.03.18

Dear members and friends, Couple of skilled tradesmen in my house this week – Tommy, renewing the vinyl flooring in my kitchen and bathroom (3 hours); Dode, fitting a new radiator in my bedroom (4 hours). No fuss – no mess; thanks, lads – see you next time. I often wish that, like them, I’d […]

Senscot Bulletin: 09.03.18

Dear members and friends, My cottage is near the new Forth Crossing – one of five in a remote clachan – slap-bang in the middle of last week’s ‘red’ weather warning; snow drifts closed our access all of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Working alone, from home, is normal for me – that’s what I do; but […]

Senscot Bulletin: 02.03.18

Saturday morning.  On a hill overlooking the Firth of Forth – views deep into Fife – I stop the car; despite the cold – something in the quality of the light has the unmistakable gleam of spring; sitting in its radiance, becoming still – seems to activate a ‘refresh’ function in my brain – something […]

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Social Enterprise Network Newsletters

The SENs: Friday 16th March 2018

The SEN Community Bond Offer has now reached the halfway stage – with a closing date of 7th May 2018. Although going well, it still needs more individual and organisations from across the third sector in Scotland as ‘investors’. A single Bond costs £50 and will pay 2% interest. Once the target is met (£100k), […]

The SENs: Friday 9th March 2018

Six months on from the redevelopment of our website, we’re continuing to tweak a couple of features which, we hope, will be of benefit to SEN members. Our SEN coordinators regularly add specific resources to each of the thematic network pages, while the Map of Support offers a comprehensive overview of the support available to […]

The SENs: Friday 2nd March 2018

This week sees the seventh in our series of Senscot Briefings being published. The Briefings aim to showcase the approach that social enterprise is taking to address a range of complex social issues across Scotland. Our latest Briefing – ‘Social Prescribing – the role of social enterprise’ –  highlights the value of social enterprises being […]

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