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Senscot Bulletin: 12.01.18

Dear members and friends, Got my usual new year urge to chuck stuff out; two carloads this year to the Council’s beautifully run Linlithgow recycling centre: a series of giant skips – all lined up with steps and loading platforms; clear instructions – helpful and cheerful staff. Chucking my old toaster in with the hundreds […]

Senscot Bulletin: 21.12.17

Dear members and friends, I’m still on the board of a children’s charity in the east end of Glasgow.  In reception last Thursday, a woman is sobbing – an experienced member of staff is with her, so I continue to my meeting. I learn later that the woman is homeless – with three young kids […]

Senscot Bulletin: 15.12.17

Dear members and friends, I got a real lift from attending the Social Enterprise Conference at Westerwood last week – meeting so many new, front-line enthusiasts; maybe the best such gathering I remember. Most of the new young people I met had that specific, exceptional quality; in each of them, the desire for personal wealth […]

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Social Enterprise Network Newsletters

The SENs: Friday 12th January 2018

This week sees the fifth in our series of Policy Briefings on the work and activities of thematic SEN members in specific policy areas. This latest Briefing – Dementia: The Role of Social Enterprise –follows on from last year’s publication of Scotland’s third National Dementia Strategy. The strategy seeks to further transform services and improve outcomes […]

The SENs: Thursday 21st December 2017

With this being the last SENs Newsletter of 2017, it’s time to look back at some of the year’s highlights. We’re not able to include them all – but ones of particular note include: the long-awaited TSI Review – with an update due this week;  6 Community Learning Exchanges for SENs, involving over 50 SEs;  […]

The SENs: Friday 15th December 2017

Last week’s SE Conference at the Westerwood seemed to go well – feedback forms out this week with full report due in early January. With 140 folk gathering from across the SE community, it provided an opportunity for grassroot SEs to discuss and explore a range of key issues. In addition to a catalogue of […]

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