Senscot Briefings

Our media page contains a selection of playlists we have compiled on our YouTube channel, categorised into thematic areas.

As we continue to travel across Scotland for each of our thematic briefings we will add to our media library, giving you the chance to hear from established social entrepreneurs about the challenges they have overcome on their journey to setting up a sustainable social enterprise.

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Voluntary Social Enterprise Code of Practice

We’ve also been canvassing influential figures from across the social enterprise sector about their thoughts on the Social Enterprise Code of Practice, a set of values which aims to set a benchmark – creating clear blue water between social enterprise and the private sector.

[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PL-xNkglzj9B41vTbaLP_aQMakoHKg1Vil” ]


Social Enterprise and the Heritage Sector Webinar

As part of our Senscot Briefing on the overlap between the social enterprise and heritage sectors, we teamed up with Museums Galleries Scotland to host a webinar exploring how the social enterprise model can be a good fit for heritage-based organisations.