Showcase the Street


Showcase the Street’s mission is to use the arts and sports to support areas of deprivation and rural isolation, especially among young people and communities.


Main Activities

Showcase run a series of dance classes over five local authority areas, catering from ages 3-18. Their football academy runs community classes in both Dundee and Angus, offering professional coaching to children from 5-18 years of age.

Their main sports facility in Dundee is multi-purpose, encompassing two 3G football pitches, a roller hockey rink, two dance studios, a café and several rooms for hire for anything from conferences to judo classes. Showcase’s facilities in Dundee are extremely family orientated and are designed to ensure that having a young family does not pose a barrier to taking part in sport and physical activity.

Showcase also organise specific projects in local schools which use dance and physical activity in an educational environment to improve attainment and well-being outcomes. They also take part in Coca Cola’s 5by20 programme which aims to empower woman and increase their representation in business, as well as sporadic projects with Police Scotland and local authorities.


Business Model

Showcase’s two 3G football pitches have bcome their primary source of income since their installation. Costing around £60,000 in original outlay to install, they now bring in between £85,000 to £100,000 annually. Their relatively low running costs, only requiring lighting and a weekly sweep, makes them particularly profitable.

Roomlets also form a significant part of their revenue streams. Their café space is leased out to a popular local catering franchise, while several of their rooms and halls are also leased out to ensure a regular income, including the Kanzen Karate Dojo and a number of early years play groups.

Showcase also run their own well-established dance classes, which bring in around 300 children a week. Their football academy is particularly popular and remains a lucrative arm of their activities, while they also develop workshops for other agencies such as Active Schools and local authorities.


Social Impact

Showcase the Street’s schools-based programmes have been credited with improving educational attainment at local schools by increasing pupil engagement, while their delivery programmes helped increase activity levels among children and young adults in rural and deprived areas.

Showcase also facilitate family support programmes to promote a healthy approach to sport and physical activity, bringing families together through play.