Garioch Sports Centre


Garioch Sports Centre’s mission is make sport and physical activity accessible for all from an early age, using exercise to increase well-being and personal attainment.


Main Activities

Garioch (pronounced ‘Geerie’) has an extremely diverse customer base for their Inverurie facility, stemming from their efforts to build a pathway from new-borns right through to seniors, ensuring there are facilities and activities for every age group.

Baby Gym works with children from four months to walking, while Gym Tots develops balance and climbing. Numerous pre-school classes are very popular with local primary and high school children, providing a healthy snack and exercise before school, while creche facilities help ease the burden of childcare costs.

An extensive range of out-of-school clubs for all age groups and have become an important pivot for the families in the community. Personal trainers are available, as are classes for all abilities, including those with disabilities and/or mobility issues, while Garioch has responded to the need for more activities which have proved popular among local seniors.

‘Wellness’ gym memberships offer access to a huge range of facilities and classes including a fully-equipped gym, squash courts, badminton, table tennis, dance studio and running track, as well as 3G and grass football pitches.


Business Model

Garioch’s biggest income stream comes from its Wellness Memberships, with tiered membership options available for monthly subscriptions. Facilities and classes can also be paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring a robust revenue base.

Children’s activities are their next most profitable area, with classes tailored for every age group from newborns and toddlers through to young adults. Classes which make a loss are pulled from the timetable or readjusted to improve their popularity. This puts the onus on instructors to ensure their classes remain busy.

Garioch’s 3G football pitch, which has a low running cost, is equally profitable, ensuring a steady income all year round from pitch lets.

Finally, their Out of Schools Club links with five local schools to provide healthy snacks, activities and transport for children before and after school, at a price which often undercuts local childcare providers, making it hugely popular for local families.


Social Impact

Garioch acts as a community hub, with numerous links to schools, nurseries and community groups.

The family-orientated facility provides positive health and diet outcomes among children, and has been credited by local schools for increasing alertness among pupils through its pre-school activities.

Garioch have also worked hard to improve the well-being of Inverurie’s aging population through daily seniors exercise classes, reducing loneliness while at the same time encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Fact File

Established: 1996
Workforce: 43 employees (FT & PT) 10-15 self-employed fitness instructors Large base of volunteers
Turnover: Year to end 2016 - £880k
Legal Structure: Charity
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Twitter: @gariochsports
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