Fairfield Community Sports Hub


To be the catalyst for community regeneration through sport and other recreational activities, reinstalling a sense of pride, enthusiasm and connectivity among young adults through social inclusion. Fairfield believes sports facilities bring the local community together and by doing so give them a healthier, stronger community.


Main Activities

Fairfield operates a large variety of sporting and physical activities across Dundee, with an emphasis on inclusion.

Football and tennis classes make up the bulk of Fairfield’s activities, who work closely with several local schools to create a clear path from school to sports club for pupils. To do this, football and tennis sessions are run in local schools, with over 1800 school children engaged in physical activity since 2016.

A number of boys’ and girls’ football clubs who compete in regional leagues are run from their main hub, while walking football has proven popular with locals over 50.

More recently, Fairfield has expanded their range of activities to include boxing, dancing and twirler classes, as well as employability schemes.

Participation of their disability sports programme, which offers football, tennis and volunteering opportunities, has also rocketed, from seven in 2016 to around 60.


Business Model

Fairfield still currently operate with a relatively modest annual turnover of around £50k, with the majority of their revenue coming in from school workshops, summer camps and their regular football and tennis sessions.

They are, however, in the process of upgrading their current complex to incorporate a 3G pitch and dressing rooms, which allow them to significantly expand their range of activities.

The initial outlay is substantial at a projected £567k, however Fairfield have raised £60k of their own money and are seeking funding from Dundee City Council’s Sports Development Fund and sportscotland’s Facilities Fund. Other charitable trusts are expected to make up the shortfall.

If successful, Fairfield estimate that their revenue in year one will go up to £337k with a net profit of £41, jumping to revenue of £492k by year five, with a net profit of £143k.

A recent community asset transfer has seen Fairfield take ownership of a nearby pavillion, which will further increase their capacity and revenue, with plans for extra sports halls and a canteen area.


Social Impact

Fairfield’s inclusive approach has made a wide range of activities accessible where opportunities simply didn’t exist before.

Their employability scheme was particularly successful, with 12 of their football camp volunteers becoming qualified coaches who are now onto their level 1.2 SFA badges.

Fairfield has also received feedback from Dundee City Council, the SFA and the NHS which suggests their activity in the community has promoted healthy weight loss and an increase in well-being across all age groups.