Driftwood Cinema


Driftwood Cinema brings local people together for shared cultural experience by taking the cinema to isolated communities to encourage social engagement, adding variety and vitality to community life.


Main Activities

Driftwood offer a range of services to communities to develop, support and sustain cinema provision across Dumfries and Galloway.

Advice is given to community groups regarding local screening, covering licencing requirements, equipment, programming, securing funding and marketing and engagement.

Driftwood also facilitate regional meetings, where emerging groups can come together with more established community enterprises to plan their development, sharing knowledge and resources.

Start-up costs for community groups are covered by Driftwood’s access to national funding, in many cases covering the cost of an initial programme of six to eight films so that organisations can fully test the waters and develop an audience.

Three sets of portable screening equipment (screen, projector, DVD player, amplifier, speakers) are available for hire. Communities can ‘dry hire’ the kit (equipment only) book one of Driftwood’s set up and run the screening.

Community groups are then provided with a bi-annual programme of films to help them to choose a range of interests to engage with their community.

Driftwood cater for a ranger of screenings, indoor and outdoor.

Business Model

Driftwood’s business model incorporates commercial sales alongside community delivery.

Screening services are sold to organisations or groups, either for one-off events or more regular screenings. Monies raised from this activity is then put towards supporting Driftwood’s community services, enabling them to reduce the hire cost to community groups.

Communities are responsible for their individual ticket prices and concessionary sales to support their screenings. The average price per screening at a community event is £5 (full price) and £3 (concession). Groups tend to offer tea, coffee and cakes, as well as alcoholic drinks if licenced, to provide extra revenue for the venue.

Driftwood are able to reduce the licencing costs of films by putting on screenings across multiple venues. They also work with community screen networks around the UK to further increase savings, which can then be passed on to communities.


Social Impact

By taking cinema to the heart of communities, Driftwood provides opportunities for those who are without private transport, on low incomes, or not inclined to leave their community for a variety of reasons. Community screenings instil positivity into communities, reducing isolation by creating a safe place for people to meet and engage with their community.

Fact File

Location: Dumfries
Established: 2013
Workforce: 1 FT, 50 volunteers
Turnover: £13,500
Legal Structure: Company Ltd by Guarantee
Website: Visit Website
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Across Dumfries and Galloway more and more community facilities, like village halls, are falling into disrepair and communities are looking to take on ownership to breathe life back into them. Creating a local cinema is one of the ways that groups look to bring communities back to use the halls and recreate them as centres for the community.