Denis Law Legacy Trust


The Denis Law Legacy Trust (DLLT) aims to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, enhance communities and improve levels of well-being among young adults.


Main Activities

Originally providing diversionary activities in areas of multiple deprivation in Aberdeen, DLLT has developed a range of employability programmes targeting children and young adults.

Free weekly sport and creativity sessions are tailored for 8 to 16-year-olds, ensuring young people in deprived communities are engaged with at an early age.

The Denis Law’s Positive Destination Torry and Denis Law’s Positive Destination Northfield (each working with between 5 to 8 young people each year) were the first specific employability programmes run by DLLT, focussing on young adults from 16 to 19 years old.

The two-year Positive Destination pathway is individually focussed so that it can suit anyone that meets the criteria regardless of their education or employment status. Participants require references from guidance teachers, police officers or similar, to ensure those who can benefit most get on to the programme.

Once accepted, the young person commits to a set number of volunteer hours with the Streetsport programme, in exchange they receive training and support to strengthen their employability in the chosen area they want to work in.

Denis Law Legacy Trust

An offshore training course is available through the programme.

Participants can gain qualifications in first aid, child protection, sports coaching and information technology. DLLT can also cover the costs for participants to pass their theory driving test.

Positive Destinations strive to helps participants identify what they want to achieve. This doesn’t necessarily have to be used on a formal qualification – it could instead come in the form of providing tuition in Higher English to help a young person achieve the entry requirements for University, for example.

Additional opportunities are now provided for completing offshore training, work experience placements with local businesses and professional support with CV writing and interview techniques.


Business Model

DLLT are still heavily reliant on grants, fundraising and donations. Currently, a sponsorship agreement with Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd covers the cost of 16 participants on the Positive Destinations programme, a total of £16,000 each year.


Social Impact    

Positive Destinations participants have so far provided over 1,000 hours of voluntary service back into their communities.

The programme steers young people away from antisocial behaviour and towards opportunities to engage in free activities and are helping to reduce youth annoyance in the areas they live.

Fact File

Location: Aberdeen
Established: 2011
Workforce: 2 FT employees, 13 PT, 50+ volunteers
Turnover: £160,199
Legal Structure: Charity (unincorporated organisation)
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Twitter: @StreetsportRGU
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