Report from ‘Shaping the Future’ Away Day

Extract: Report from ‘Shaping the Future’ Away Day (June 2009)
Supporting Voluntary Action (SVA)

Purpose and Vision Statement for Third Sector Support Services

The Think Tank participants have been discussing vision and purpose and have produced a draft vision and purpose statement to encapsulate the current and future vision and purpose of third sector support infrastructure. This was presented to the delegates at the start of the Away Day and insight and comment invited.

The draft statement is as follows:


An independent infrastructure which has the capacity, capability, and confidence to lead a strong and thriving voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector, in Scotland.


To provide an enabling and supportive environment, where voluntary organisations, communities and social enterprises can flourish.

The discussions in the workshops elicited feedback on this and no major comments were received.

Extract: ‘Shaping the Future’ Final Report (October 2009)

Vision and Purpose

The Think Tanks’ remit charged them with producing a vision and purpose statement for the third sector support infrastructure.  The visioning process required members to consider why third sector support services and intermediaries exist or need to exist and to search for shared understanding of the role the infrastructure plays in supporting the sector.

The vision and purpose statement is the first of its kind for the third sector infrastructure in Scotland.  Think Tank members proposed this as a guide for the future development of an effective and relevant third sector support infrastructure.

Vision for the Infrastructure:

An independent infrastructure which has the capacity and confidence to lead and serve the third sector.

Purpose of the Infrastructure: Supporting Our Sector by…

• Building Capacity
• Influencing and Informing
• Developing Volunteers and Volunteering
• Facilitating Networks and Networking
• Developing Assets
• Resourcing
• Providing Direct Support
• Representing

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