Report calls for Scottish planning action

Report calls for Scottish planning action 





An infrastructure crisis and protracted negotiations are slowing the supply of housing in Scotland, according to a new report for the Scottish Executive.


It said there was evidence suggesting the supply of housing is not keeping up with demand in parts of Scotland.


The report found that businesses were unconvinced by measures already taken to address the problem.


It said: ‘There is evidence that lack of drainage infrastructure has been a constraint on the development of new sites for business in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.’


The report, by consultant Tribal HCH,showed that although the problem was not as marked as in other parts of the UK, house prices have been above the long-term trend.


It said that major applications were taking on average between 28 and 37 weeks to determine.


Major schemes had suffered because councils were prioritising smaller applications to meet performance targets.


The report said a major contributor to the delays were negotiations over section 75 agreements, which place planning obligations on developers.


It called for a streamlining of the current system.


Source: Planning Resource magazine