Re-Employ rises like a phoenix rom the ashes

Re-Employ rises like a phoenix rom the ashes
Central Fife Times, by Jim Stark


This has been a massive week for the fledgling Benarty based Re-Employ social enterprise.


The organisation, which has rises from the ashes of the now defunct Cowdenbeath operation Remploy, which saw people with special needs create a host of safety products until 2013 when it closed.


Since then a number of the redundant Remploy workers have, through the Connect Programme, found new posts but others did not.


However, in the autumn the foundations of Re-Employ were laid and it was planned to have a big launch in March.


But the Chinese New Year celebrations saw Fife Council’s On Your Doorstep initiative put in an emergency call to Re-Employ.


They were to have had 500 promotional bags made in China but because of the New Year holiday they could not meet the deadline so they made an appeal to the BRAG based Re-Employ.


The eight staff based at the Crosshill Centre worked all wee to complete the order by Friday afternoon, much to the relief of the council’s Health and Social Care Department.


Said Re-Employ’s Irene Donaldson: "We were a bit shocked to get the appeal but the team pulled out all the stops.


"They worked hard to create the 500 tote bags bearing the ‘On Your Doorstep’ slogan and we were able to get them to Glenrothes by Monday morning.


"The challenge came out of the blue but it tuirned out to be a brilliant test for our eight person team who wil be making promotional gifts for businesses and individuals."


Irene described the social enterprise as benefitting from ‘superb support’ from the management of BRAG and she added that the staff team are now looking forward to their official opening on Wednesday March 16 at BRAG.


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Added Irene: "This is really a story of a business rising like a Phoenix from the ashes.


"The emergency order has given the team tremendous confidence that they can tackle anything asked of them."