RBS SE100 Index figures show changing climate for social enterprise

RBS SE100 Index figures show changing climate for social enterprise
RBS SE100 Index

The UK’s social enterprises are operating in an exciting – but perhaps more volatile – climate than ever before, generating revenues and profits on an as-yet unrecognised scale.

The RBS SE100 Index, which compiles data about the growth and social impact of the UK’s social enterprises, has taken a new direction in this, its fourth year and today launched a powerful new web platform, which not only shows live, up-to-the-minute data about the activities of the UK’s social enterprises, but also gives its members the opportunity to compare their performance against others, as well as to generate personalised profiles about their business success and social impact.

Key findings include the following:

• A total £11.3bn turnover posted by 1,061 social enterprises.

• The average growth for the whole sector is 82% this year (compared with 24 per cent last year).

• The highest performing organisations are really shooting ahead this year – the top 100 fastest growers posted an average year-on-year growth of 748%. Even when the SE100 researchers recalculated this figure after removing organisations which skew the average, the average growth figure is impressive at 217%, compared with 60% last year.

• These organisations are generating £2.7bn of profits to plough back into improving society.

• The sector is an equal opportunities employer with senior management teams consisting of 59% women.

To read the full analysis, see here.